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Don't be misled into thinking the titular marsupial is the longest jumper of all though; there's a creature that well and truly outsprings it; now what might that be?

– Red Reading Hub addition to a hugely successful series exploring maths and numbers.

– Parents in Touch

an enlightening information text to build curiosity and answer questions about nature and numbers.

– Just Imagine

A fab way to combine two fascinating subjects in one brilliant exploration of animals and numbers.

– Read it Daddy

Longlisted for the SLA Information Book Award

How Far Can a Kangaroo Jump?

By Alison Limentani

Another addition to a hugely successful, well-reviewed series exploring maths and numbers for Foundation Stage / Key Stage One children. Have you ever wondered just how far animals can jump – from the kangaroo and the snow leopard to the grasshopper and the frog?

4th June 2019
3-6 years
245mm x 245mm 32 pages

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