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A hauntingly magical fantasy

— Northern Echo

Humphries's lyrical prose, festooned with internal rhymes and wordplay, is perfectly matched to his beautiful, dusky watercolors. They shine with a silvery light, investing the adventure with suitably majestic magic. First rate.

— Kirkus

The watery world Humphries depicts is quiet and pleasant, a place where perseverance and kindness save a day blooming with dawn's purple tones along woodsy river banks.

— Booklist

Otter Moon

By Tudor Humphries

Otter Moon is a beautifully illustrated tale of nature and adventure. Flibberty is a young otter who spends his nights on the riverbank, dreaming and staring at the moon. But one day, the King of the River gives him a task that takes him far away from home. As the moon rises over the river, Flibberty sets off on a journey towards the sea, trying to find a great fish, and a silver dish, before daybreak.

August 2009
3-6 years
10" x 11 1/4" 32 pages